How do I request adding additional social media icon options?




  • rajkumar


  • Ricardo Martins

    Add ResearchGate and Academia please.

  • Reshena Johnson

    Hi! Please add Periscope and Mailchimp email list signup. Thanks!

  • Brie Wolf

    Can you please add G2Crowd?

  • Miha Uhan

    How about AngelList, Crunchbase and/or f6s?
    Any maybe also Kickstarter?
    Thanks, Miha

  • Samuel Russell

    please can you add Zomato

  • Jiong

    Sina Weibo & WeChat please!

  • Emilee Gross

    Would you please add Periscope!

  • Kristof Torfs
    BitBucket and JIRA would come in handy for developers.
  • Adam Du Laney-Brown
    If you could add Ning that'd be fantastic!
  • Allen Beedy

    Could you please add

  • Shantelle Lorraine

    Can you add a soundcloud icon?

  • Zoe Louise Collins

    Would it be possible to add Trust Pilot so you can easily ask customers to click the link to leave a review.

  • Michael Seaward

    Would you be able to add an option for please?

  • kellie mccann

    PINTEREST please

  • Lucas Gregory

    Feature request: You guys should Add Snapchat option using this link

  • Nikita

    Could you add Hiive please?

  • Kirk at Autolox

    Please could you add Many thanks.

  • Kirk at Autolox

    Also Whatsapp would be a good one.

  • Markus Weber

    Flipboard would be great, use it all the time.

  • Nicole Fu


  • Zac Damon

    How about ISSUU.COM profiles? Or a shopping store website like Zazzle affiliate store users?

  • Johannes Gustavsson

    It would be awesome if you could add a Medium-icon (!

  • Felipe Almeida

    Please add Meetup !

  • ThaoTruong

    Would you please add:
    Thank you!

  • lara noujaim

    It would be great if you could please add an iTunes app store and Google play store button :)

  • Linus Gibson

    It would be great to have an iTunes feed option for podcasts!

  • Gustavo Brondani Schenkel

    Hi, could you guys add Telegram? To send messages can be access throught
    The site is

  • Christian

    Could you please add EyeEm ( Thank you in advance!

  • ed eber

    Hello, could you please add Wechat (700 millions users now), thank you !

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