How do I request adding additional social media icon options?




  • Kyle Willis

    Can you please add Yelp and Zillow? I have a real estate client who wants a signature. Yelp would benefit TONS of businesses. Zillow is used by thousands of agents and loan officers.

  • Luc Castera

    Hi Kyle, we added Zillow and Yelp this week :-)

  • Kobby Nkrumah

    Hi... could you please add Soundcloud and tumblr?

  • Magnus Lobo

    Hi Sebastien,

    Can you add WeChat to the list?


  • Carl Stoker

    Can you add TripAdvisor? Would be good for restaurants and hotels.

  • Diana

    Please add wordpress

  • William Linton

    Can you add LinkedIn to the list?

  • Elizabeth le Roux

    Hi! Would it be possible to add an icon for 'Ezebee'? ( and for freelancers an icon for 'Upwork'? ( - formerly known as 'Odesk').

  • Joe

    Could we get Research Gate added?

  • Annie

    Is there a way to have an icon for Website? Like a Globe or Computer? When you click on the world, globe or computer it takes you to the website?

  • alexandersirris

    Soundcloud and Tumblr Pleasssseee :)

  • Miriam Gonçalves

    Olá! Poderiam incluir o Rdio e o Periscope?

  • Mark Walton

    Can we get added as a social media option???

  • aaron anderson

    Would love to see thumbtack as an option! I have several reviews on that site. Cheers!

  • alexandersirris

    Any plans on adding soundcloud and tumblr to your social list?

  • Claire Hope

    Hi there! Can you please add Houzz to the list? Many thanks :)

  • Mark Walton would be very useful guys. Thank you so much!!

  • Delixyr

    Can you add and

  • Kelly O'Brien

    please add Wedding Wire ( .... must have for all wedding industry vendors :) thank you!

  • Tech

    Can you please add Great blogging platform, I'd love HTML Sig integration.

  • Florian Gaudel

    Hi! Could you please add Wechat? It's very popular in China!! Thank you!

  • Jade Keshia Gordon

    Hi, could you add blogger please :)


    Can you add Yahoo to the list? Thank you.

  • Mark Walton

    Can you add Angie's List??

  • Melchior Jourdan

    Could you please add DeviantArt, Coroflot & Patreon ?

  • alfr3666

    Wikipedia would be awesome!

  • Ellie Hunter

    Hi, can you add Etsy please? Thank you

  • Maxwell Chang

    Hi, please add Wechat (600 million users). Thanks!

  • Jessica Bouchard

    Hi. Could you please add for all the car dealerships out there? Thank you!

  • Maxim Kurbatov

    Please add

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